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Some people are easy to shop for and then others leave us completely clueless. At Burke, we feel your pain, and are here to make your gift giving a little easier this holiday season by offering up some ideas for everyone on your list! We've put together a little gift guide with collections for all the people we know - the colorful/always positive one, the plant lover, the outdoorsy one, the lazy one, the activist, the workaholic, the artist, the holiday fanatic, and the spiritual astrology lover! Scroll through to browse our collections and start checking everyone off your list! 
For the always colorful/positive one!

You know that person who is always smiling, always glowing, always full of color both in appearance and personality? We've got things they will love! This Only Good Things notebook from People I've Loved is made for documenting and remembering only the best things in our day-to-day lives. These temporary tattoos are also a cute reminder of belief and accomplishment! People like this will live for this Worthwhile Paper enamel pin with the simple message 'Stay Positive'. We also love this colorful, unique statement necklace from Little Feral and this lip-cheek-eye tint from Noto Botanics for an every day pop of color! 


For the Outdoorsy One!

This grouping is perfect for the person you know who loves nature and adventure! This classic wool felt hat by Portland milliner Brookes Boswell is perfect for any guy or gal to wear camping, hiking, and adventuring! The bicoastal bandana from Carleen features flowers of both New York and California, paying tribute to our favorite nature from coast to coast. We have scents to keep them one with nature, including perfumes/colognes, candles, and more making the perfect gift set. The namesake unisex perfume from Smoke is the perfect blend of earthy smells for every day use to keep you smelling good after a day of physical activity. You know their favorite smell is that of a burning campfire, and you can get that same effect with the Fireside candle from Standard Wax! Finally, complete the set with Noto Botanics Rooted Oil hair + scent roller which is an extra smoky blend featuring scents of palo santo, cedar wood, fir and more!


For the plant lover!

Plant lovers, you may know one or are one yourself. We have the perfect gifts for this person in your life! No plant lover can go without the painted pot from Kristina Bing, the ultimate plant lover we know! These pots sit in and pair perfectly with the colorful macrame plant hangers from Little Feral. Our favorite notebook from Worthwhile Paper comes in the cutest palm leaf print, and you can pair it with their Monstera leaf enamel pin in the unexpected blush/orange color combo! Finally, complete the gift with the Green Thumb room spray from Standard Wax, which will give you that fresh greenery smell with fragrances of ferns, soil and grass to transport you into your own imaginary garden!


For the Workaholic!

This is my personal contribution to the gift guide because this is me, and things I use and want as a workaholic! No workaholic can go without a trusty planner. We love this one by Worthwhile Paper because it is undated. That means you can enter your own dates, start it whenever you want, and if you need to skip 3 weeks because you're off on vacation and don't have any planning to do, you won't waste any pages! Offering comfort, style and versatility for whatever the day brings, this all organic cotton basic tee from By Signe is my favorite tee in my wardrobe! As a workaholic, there is nothing like the perfect basic tee for every day. Also, did we mention we have it available in 3 colors?! The Dainty Choker by Paradigm Design Jewelry is my other every day go-to jewelry that is simple, easy-to-wear and goes with everything. Know that workaholic that always does too much and gets too stressed that their diet becomes caffeine and cigarettes? Well, help them kick the habit with these Herbal Smoking Blend cigarettes instead! Packed with soothing natural ingredients, they are non-addictive and are meant to be used as self-care to connect you to your breath and give you a moment of solitude! Another daily necessity is the Hydra Highlighter stick by Noto Botanics. Small enough to carry around in your pocket, this soft, creamy highlighter will add a natural, dewey glow to your face and skin any time to cover up those tired eyes! Finally, add in the perfect little enamel pin from People I've Loved to remind that workaholic that things will work out!


For the Activist!

This grouping is another personal favorite of mine! We know there are a lot of activists out there these days, and we fully support them! Start with this art print from People I've Loved offering a message of unity and acceptance. Their Real Hope 4 the Future greeting card is also sure to tug at the activist's heartstrings. Our feminist temporary tattoos are perfect for the protest marcher to show off that girl power and pair perfectly with our favorite Fundamental Earrings from Paradigm Design Jewelry! Add in one of our in-house made Resis-tees to help them wear their message, and they'll be happy to know that $5 from that tee purchase will go straight to the Southern Poverty Law Center to help fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice! Finally, complete the gift with the Agender Oil from Noto Botanics. This oil is made for all genders and is made to go anywhere on the body to soften and protect. This is also Noto's first non-profit product with 100% of profits going towards rotating organizations such as Planned Parenthood, LGBT Youth Center, Women's Center DTLA, etc. You'll be giving them a gift, and helping them give one too! 


For the Spiritual Astrology Lover!

Do you have that yogi, new age, spiritual, superstitious, planet-loving astrologer in your life? We've got the perfect gifts for them! Start with this 2018 Moon Mood Calendar by People I've Loved that maps out the moon phases for the year and gives you tips on how they can affect your mood and decisions! This notebook and enamel pin pairing from Worthwhile Paper are a perfect combo, with a little pin humor reading "Just a Phase". Add in the lucky bandana from Carleen that features all the lucky things from snakes, to rabbits, to horseshoes and more. Finally, finish it off with a bottle of the New Moon Cypress oil by Smoke Perfume. This body oil is made with wildcrafted cypress leaves and organic natural oils that are infused for 2 new moon cycles before bottling! 


For the lazy one!

We've all got the person in our lives that would rather spend their days off napping in bed and lounging on the couch than going out to socialize. We've got the goods to make their lazy days even cozier! Start with this unisex sweatshirt by LA brand Seeker US. It's perfect, soft, and cozy and we love the cute little fabric detail addition. Gift them this little mini notebook duo from Worthwhile Paper so they can doodle and journal from the comfort of their bed! This Citrus + Black Currant candle from Standard Wax is their most popular scent, universally pleasing for a day spent at home. Finally, when they do have to go out and about, they can proudly rock this enamel pin from People I've Loved to let everyone know just how good at naps they are! 


For the Holiday Fanatic!

You know those people who are playing Christmas music after Halloween and have their tree up on the day after Thanksgiving? Yea, so do we! And we've got some gifts for them! You'll be sure to make them feel all warm and fuzzy with this Love & Peace greeting card from People I've Loved. There's no better holiday wishes than that! Help them get into the spirit with this seasonal Winter Spice candle from Standard Wax giving them those holiday scents of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger. They can get festive in the perfect red and green colors of the lucky bandana by Carleen. Finally, help them steal the show at those holiday parties and New Years events with some gorgeous jewelry! The Ziggy Cuff by Paradigm Design Jewelry and the Wavy Collar by Luiny are the perfect fun pairing!


For The Artist!

We could not forget the one person we all know and love - the creative artist! We know this person always looks their best and has the coolest, unique things, and can often be hard to gift for! But worry not, we have the special gifts for them! This curves & lines notebook from Worthwhile Paper is a perfectly modern design that the artist is sure to love - and the pages are blank so they can write or doodle without any page constraints! These people always look their best, so help them stand out with this high neck tank from By Signe which is the perfect, classy every day layering piece. The As One Earrings by Luiny and the Rubin Beret by Brookes Boswell will give them those unique accessories that will have other people wondering where they find such cool things. Throw in the perfect vintage ceramic vase for that one-of-a-kind item they wouldn't find anywhere else. And finally, since we know artists are constantly using their hands and creating things with different materials that can be rough on skin, gift them the Resurface Scrub from Noto Botanics. This unisex face + body scrub will help them soften, clean and exfoliate back to skin so smooth you'll be amazed! 


We hope this gift guide helps you get closer to checking everyone off your list this holiday season! Shop the gift guide here



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