Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Author: Maggie Stoll
2020, what a year! Through the lessons learned, habits picked up (both good AND bad), and time of self reflection, it's been a year like no other. And with the challenges we face, it will be a holiday like no other as well. 

Since most of us will be apart from our family and friends this season, we put together a gift guide specifically catered to 2020 and what it has brought in our new day to day lives. We hope you can find something that will bring joy to a loved one whether near or far, and hope you can still find ways to connect and share some love and magic this holiday season! 

For the Design Lover:

You know the one, the ever chic minimalist who's always surrounded by only beautiful, intentional things. This has probably been the year they've added even more special things to their collection so their home surrounds them in beauty. For them, we'd gift a Kirby vase in all its rounded soft white glory, a terrazzo soap bar held by a wavy soap dish bringing high design to that constant hand washing, a Scarpa votive candle inspired by the architect's Italian Brutalist structures, and the Mirage necklace inspired by the famous Ultrafragola mirror designed in the 70s by Ettore Sottsass (trust me, they know about it). 

For the Creative:
This person has spent this quarantined year actually enjoying creating new art and honing new creative skills! The one who never finds a moment to be bored because every moment is an opportunity to express creativity! We suggest the Collage Kit magazine made for cutting up and creating collages, the Everybody Trash Bin to collect all their trimmings and other art project messes, a limited edition art print by our current artist resident Luis Zavala Tapia for inspiration, and a puzzle in puzzle featuring artist photography which doubles as brain exercise!
For the Earth Lover: 

This person has taken the opportunity of no commute this year to get outside and enjoy more nature! They probably invested in a bike, have their weekly hikes scheduled, and are surviving this years isolation with medicine from the outdoors. For them we suggest an Amigo Modern cactus hook to bring a little outside in, a vase from local ceramacist John Lawrence for an earthy, organic vessel for holding collected flowers and stems, The Flowers and I We Giggle zine by Sheewa Salehi featuring abstract images of flowers, a Jungmaven hemp tee perfect for outdoor exploring and produced with the earth in mind, and a pair of Pala Eyewear biodegradable sunnies!


For the Mixologist: 

The one that maybe is getting through this year with a drink in hand (no shame in that game)! It's been a great time to discover new recipes and that's not just for food - it's for cocktails too! We suggest the large jug by Hay Design to serve as a cute little serving pitcher, some cocktail glasses hand blown by Cedric Mitchell Design, a set of Drink Rocks as a chic ice alternative that won't water down those drinks, and a Hay Panier basket to hold a pair of Dusen Dusen cloth napkins! 

For the Workaholic:

This is the person who only knows how to power through a stressful time by staying distracted with work! Whether it's at the office or working from home, it's no matter to this professional. For them we suggest the Hannah Emile Curve Pack backpack which has a sleeve built in specifically for a laptop with enough room leftover for all the essentials, a Sowden water bottle from Hay because all that work requires staying hydrated (coffee counts, right?), a K'Apostrophe journal notebook for the many to-do lists they have, and a pinch clip for some holding some important notes and reminders! 


For the Wellness Guru:

You know the one. To them, self care and wellness is the answer to all! The person you go to when you need to know how to stay healthy and zen. For them we suggest the Agender Oil and Rooted Oil by Noto Botanics which are soothing and nourishing natural oils for hair and body, a bottle of Yield's scented and moisturizing sanitizer in a to-go size spray bottle, Yield's CBD infused incense sticks and holder for some daily calming aromatherapy, and an Erin Templeton kiss and makeup bag to hold all of their wellness essentials!

For the Quarantined:

Maybe this is someone who was forced to self isolate or who chose to. It's likely been all of us at one time or another this year, and we've figured out the perfect essentials we need to get through it! We suggest a cozy cotton blanket by Dusen Dusen, a handmade mug by Ekua Ceramics for hot drinks, a candle and wick trimmer that will last those hours stuck inside, and a mirror bookmark by Areaware for all the reading we now have time to do! 

For Uplifting:
And finally, this year has been a doozy on all of us, and we're searching for brightness and joy wherever we can find it! This colorful collection of goods is sure to uplift someone's spirit and mood. We suggest the Everybody Tissue box colorfully handpainted, a Masai Bowl in hand blown glass perfect for soups, fruit salads, and more, a small Pattern puzzle for a fun, quick activity, and Amigo Modern wall hooks to brighten up any space that needs a little extra hanging storage! 


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