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Burke Residency 3 Artist: Adrian Kay Wong

Emma: Hi Adrian! Thank you so much for sitting down to answer my questions. Adrian: Thank you for having me! E: To start off, since we are fresh into this new decade, I’d love to hear one of your personal intentions or aspirations for this upcoming year and...if you’re feeling ambitious, for the upcoming decade. A: First off, Happy New Year! While I don't really have resolutions per se, I do think it's a good opportunity to refocus and dial in on my priorities. I've always been someone who challenges and avoids complacency – I push to be more diligent or efficient. But in this past year and going on into 2020, I've been learning to also respect my limits....

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Burke Residency 2 Artist: K'era Morgan

  K'era Morgan, Artist   Emma: Hi K’era! Thank you so much for sitting down to answer my questions. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your artistic practice? K'era: I'm K'era Morgan and I'm a mixed-media artist and textile designer based in Los Angeles. My studio practice has evolved since I decided to take this whole artist-thing seriously however, one thing continues to remain the same in that my process is very much an intuitive one. When I roll into my studio to begin working on a piece, I usually don't have a clear cut plan in mind outside of following my gut. This allows me to play with different media without inhibition and it also...

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