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Aesthetica Magazine | Issue 107, June/July 2022

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Aesthetica Magazine is a destination for art and culture. In-depth features foreground today’s most innovative practitioners across art, architecture, photography and design. Each issue combines outstanding design, journalism and editorial coverage. Aesthetica is the place to find out about the latest news, reviews and practitioners. As an independent magazine, they bring readers the best new talent – artists who are contributing to the global dialogue on how art helps us to make sense of our complicated world.

Issue 107 captures the current zeitgeist, and is a reminder of how much the past forms part of the present. There are so many things that connect us as human beings, right now, here on planet Earth, as we shape the future amidst our rapidly changing surroundings. In the Black Fantastic, which opens this June at Hayward Gallery, London, includes 11 contemporary artists from the African diaspora. The show questions our understanding of the world through science fiction, mythology and Afrofuturism. 

Aesthetica speaks with Hannah Starkey about her attentive gaze, as well as the changing representation of women both in front of, and behind, the lens. They discuss the wider vocabulary of photography and how it relates to contemporary power structures. Next, they look at the enduring presence of Modernism in architecture and design, and try to understand why a school of thought – that dates back over a century – still resonates today as much as it did back then. They also interview Anastasia Samoylova about the sub-tropical fever dream of Florida: a delicate ecosystem that's constantly threatened by its own extinction. 

As always, Aesthetica is thrilled to bring you photographers who play with form, subject and genre in new ways. This issue features Florian W. Mueller, KangHee Kim, Anne Mason-Hoerter, Andrea Alkalay and Adriana Mora, as well as their cover photographer Fares Micue. Finally, the last words goes to November Paynter, Chief Curator of Shirin Neshat's Land of Dreams at Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto. 

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