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Gemstone Laundry Clips Set of 2 - SAMPLE SALE

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Color: Blue + Mauve

KUX Stone Objects by D.A.R. Proyectos 2-pack of Gemstone Laundry Clips are carved from colorful Andean stones for an exotic twist on the familiar Laundry Clip/Clothespin. Delightfully included in best of lists on the New York Times, New York Post and Sight Unseen.

The two arms of the clip are carved from one piece of stone, perfect for capturing your most luxurious laundry, hanging art, organizing business cards and love notes alike. A luxurious and whimsical gift, as no two clips are alike! Color: Each set includes 2 different colored clips, from an assortment of different stones including Rhodonite, Serpentine, Celestine, Jasper, Soapstone, and more.

Each clip is classic size, measuring 7cm/2.75" long.
Dimensions - 2.8" l x 0.8" w x 0.4" h

Made in Peru