Brand Spotlight: BASERANGE

Written by Maggie Stoll


Posted on June 30 2022

We are honored to work with brands like Baserange who share our values and intentions. This year brings in our largest collection to date from the brand as they celebrate 10 years including so many gorgeous textures, fabrics, and colors. From bright bamboo basics, to soft neutral knits, and plant-dyed woven hemp and organic cotton, this Baserange collection is what wardrobe dreams are made of.

Baserange offers products that are made with respect for the environment and for people. They uphold an uncompromising commitment to clean production and ethical sourcing, and are dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact. They believe in celebrating real beauty and their imagery is never retouched. They portray women and people with freedom and simplicity. They have always purposefully cast models with all kinds of origins, ethnicities, ages and sizes, for instance: young Turkish entrepreneurs, a Rwandan author, Baserange factory workers, students, artists, musicians, social workers, yoga and dance teachers, a healer, a psychologist etc.

See below for a message from the brand themselves.

Baserange brand statement

Much of the new Baserange collection features pieces naturally dyed with plants. These vegetal dyes create colors that may vary slightly with each garment, offering a special, unique quality. When caring for these garments, they should be exposed to minimal sunlight as intense sun can cause additional fading or variation in color. The pieces should be washed cold and hung or laid flat to try out of direct sun. Buying garments made with natural fibers and colored with natural dyes allows you to wear clothing that hasn't gone through any intense chemical processes and are free from toxins which might otherwise interact with your skin. Scroll below to see some of these garments next to the plants used to create their rich, natural colors. 

Baserange naturally dyed hemp garments

The garments pictured above are made from woven hemp, and are dyed with the Acacia and Chebula tree to create these natural, earthy colors. 

Baserange naturally dyed cotton basics

The garments pictured above are ribbed organic cotton basics dyed with the Karel and the Nimbus plants to create these beautiful pastel hues. 


Founded in 2012, Baserange creates modern, minimalist clothing with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes. The designs, the natural and recycled materials are made to withstand time.
Since its inception, Baserange is committed to discovering and implementing innovative ways to reduce environmental impact at every stage—from energy use to water consumption to dyes to packaging. The brand works closely and collaboratively with its producers to source and develop quality textiles from both natural fibers and recycled content.
Baserange is constantly seeking better solutions across the industry and questioning its own practices with the goal of ecological and humane sustainability. Learn more about their supply chain, production, and transparency HERE



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