Burke Residency Program

Each quarter, we showcase collections from one clothing designer and one artist in our storefront space in downtown Long Beach through our Burke Residency Program. The collections are displayed and available for sale during that 3 month time period. We display info about the brand and artist in the shop with their collection, as well as featuring an interview with them on our blog. We love using our residency program to showcase emerging brands and artists, and designs focused around our ethos of sustainability and contemporary design. 5 of our 8 annual slots are reserved for BIPOC designers, brands and/or artists.

Please note, at this time we are only able to accommodate clothing lines and wall-hung artwork for the residencies based on allocated space in the shop. Please email maggie@burkemercantile.com if you are a sustainable brand or contemporary artist and are interested in participating and showcasing. Let us know a bit about yourself, your work, and where we can view your work, and we will get back to you. Thank you!

Burke Residency Program in store display

 *Freeform clothing brand residency collection display

Main shop with art displayed

*Adrian Kay Wong residency art collection on display in shop


Past participants include:
Gravel & Gold
Slow Process
Nin Studio
Freeform Cltr
Vincetta Studio

Molly Margaret Sydnor
Olivia Sawai
K'era Morgan
Adrian Kay Wong
Luis Zavala Tapia
Debby Weiss
Fernanda Martinez
Yue Zhou Studio
Tomisin Oluwole
Kimberly Mejia
Mandy Schuster
Neha Panicker