LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Danica Stamenic

Written by Maggie Stoll


Posted on June 07 2022

Introduce yourself, your brand, and what you offer! 

Danica: I’m Danica (pronounced Dah-nee-tzah)! I’m a vintage jewelry collector and jewelry designer. I sell a mix of decades and centuries, but my passion is definitely mid-century through 70’s pieces that feel like mini sculptures. I work with mainly precious metals, so sterling and karated gold. I also have a small contemporary line that I have slowly been expanding, and so a lot of custom work with my lovely clients. 

 Danica Stamenic Vintage Jewelry Collector and Designer

Can you tell us about your background and journey that led you to your passion for jewelry?

D: I have a degree in Art History, so started in the museum world. But I also did a lot of moving around after university so jumped from art jobs to design jobs, and eventually landed as manager for an artisan jewelry gallery in the Bay Area. I was there for three years, and really fell in love with the craft (we had an in-house jewelry studio and I met so many inspiring jewelers while working there, many are friends to this day). I also had my first real exposure to the world of fine vintage jewelry - and was hooked. My father was an antique rug dealer so I was already at home in the antique world. Jewelry felt like a beautiful and exciting extension of the worlds I knew. Danica Stamenic Vintage started in 2017 when I moved to LA.

Danica Stamenic Jewelry 

Your curation is always so beautiful and thoughtful! What is your process for finding and selecting the vintage pieces you offer? Additionally, what are your main sources of inspiration?

D: Thank you!! My sourcing process has evolved over the years. I used to go to a lot more markets and estate sales, and now work mostly with trusted dealers to the trade, though I’m ALWAYS on the hunt. I try not to limit myself to a specific collection I have coming up or what makes sense for the season - if I love a piece, I’m getting it now (because I might never find it again), and edit my groupings from there. I’m most drawn to simple, evocative shapes, good use of volume / material, and feel. Even if a piece is amazing, if it doesn’t FEEL amazing, I’ll pass. It has to communicate well with the skin. 

Danica Stamenic Jewelry

If you had to choose one classic, timeless outfit that would never go out of style, what would you be wearing?

D: An oversized white oxford shirt and Levi’s 501’s, (preferably also white, if this scenario involves access to stain removal)! Probably with some black loafers. This is practically what I already wear every day unless it’s really hot or cold, haha! I don’t spend too much time on clothes and prefer to let the jewelry do the heavy lifting. 

 Danica Stamenic Vintage Jewelry Collector and Designer

Any future plans or goals for your business that you want to share? 

D: I’ve been doing more and more of my own wax carving this year, and am excited to explore some new designs through this method. I’m always trying to learn new things and get better at what I do, but slowing down and finding balance is also a huge priority! 

 Danica Stamenic Vintage Jewelry Collector and Designer

How can customers support you outside of your curated pieces at Burke? 

D: I have a steady stream of new (old) pieces moving through my website, danicastamenic.com, and that’s where my Capsule Collection lives. My IG handle is @danicastamenic, feel free to follow along there as well. And I’m always available for custom and engagement inquiries. :)


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