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Written by Maggie Stoll


Posted on February 08 2022

At the end of 2021, I sent out a customer survey to our email list to get some feedback looking ahead to 2022. I was surprised to see a vast majority of responses asked for more natural makeup and beauty products! While I'd love to fill all the requests of my customers, I also want to make sure I sell product that I can really speak to and product I use myself.

I personally don't wear much makeup and my skincare routine comes from our Noto Botanics products, so in lieu of adding a new element to the store I wanted to refer you all to another amazing local woman-owned shop just 2 blocks away from ours who specializes in this product specifically! I have been getting the few makeup products I do use from this shop exclusively, and I'm excited to see their expanding line of intentional goods. Meet Wax N Blush and learn more about them below! 

MAGGIE: Hi Larissa! Give us an overview of Wax N Blush and all it has to offer.

LARISSA: Wax N Blush offers vegan waxing, plant-based skincare and beauty, as well as organic wellness. We'd like to say we've got you covered when it comes to "all things beauty."

Wax N Blush

M: When did you open Wax N Blush and why did you decide to start this business?

L: We began in 2018 as a service focused brand but as our clientele grew, so did we! We expanded, and relocated to a larger location in 2020 (yes, in the height of the pandemic) and as the world changed, we also changed our values and focused on providing a space that housed independent brands that focused on high quality, plant-based beauty. 

Wax N Blush

M: What is your process for finding and selecting brands and products to carry in your shop?

L: Our process is very important to us. We focus on brand missions (like do you care about the environment?) product sourcing (is it good for me?) and company ethics (are you good to people?) and after brands go through our checklist, we finally play! We sample items for a two-week period to make sure they're products are a right fit for us. It's a process but WE really love this step-in building partnerships.

Wax N Blush products

M: Any future plans or additions for the business that your customers need to know? 

L: We recently added facials to our menu! We've partnered with Apoterra and Botnia, both brands are plant-based, great for sensitive skin and are results driven. Our facialist Araceli finishes all facials with a lymphatic drainage massage, removing toxins retained in the face from stress.

Wax N Blush beauty services

M: Your services are by appointment, but when can customers come to the beauty boutique to shop? 

L: Our services are required to be by appointment but our in-store shopping isn't! We recommend following us on instagram @waxnblush for daily updates on store hour updates, as well as events.

Wax N Blush products

M: How can non-local customers shop with you and support you? 

L: We ship! Check out our online store www.waxnblush.com .

Wax N Blush products



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