New Tonal Range by Baserange

Written by Maggie Stoll


Posted on July 07 2021

Baserange was created in 2012 from the philosophy of making simple, accessible garments that exist somewhere between modern culture and the natural world. Basic aesthetic for sustainable easy wear, the line of basics is made from a soft bamboo jersey. Baserange put out a new tonal range of colors for their permanent basics collection this season. The colors and their titles are inspired by the senses. I was moved by their inspiration and process for this release, and upon reading their vision behind this new range and the descriptions of the colors and senses, special women in my life instinctively came to mind. Upon contemplation, I determined this is because women as beings inherently react and make choices based on their senses and feelings. I believe intuition is at the core of who women are and how they navigate the world. All of these pieces, feelings, and thoughts inspired this campaign presentation. Presenting the new Baserange Tonal Range through special local women who inspire me. 

First, I'd like to share the statement from Baserange about their new collection: 
"Since the beginning of Baserange working with touch, feelings, and senses have been important to how we cut our pieces, choose our fabrics, and use color. How we feel is essential to how we experience, move, navigate and interact with ourselves and one another. We have therefore chosen names for this tonal palette that relate to our senses."
Cochlea, Haptic, Aural, Ocular, Tactile, and Fovea.

Baserange Tonal Palette

And so I introduce to you six incredible, creative local women who've been a great support to myself and to Burke in one way or another, and whose own paths are an inspiration to me. Each of them a woman on a quest of self discovery to pursue their individual passions. I paired each of them with the sense, that to me, correlated with who they are and what they do, and asked them to take their own version of self portraits wearing their assigned tonal color. You can see more content of these women from additional portraits to videos on our instagram page as we share each of them more in depth over the coming weeks.

Meet Emily, Sheewa, Tanya, Ash, Mariah, and Emma. 


COCHLEA :: The spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations.



“We are completely susceptible to the rest of the world’s sounds. Other people’s sights, touches, and definitely tastes can be avoided if we want to. But sounds are near impossible to have control over. What do you think we mean when we “get out of town for the weekend?” Seeking solitude is seeking silence. There is an innate vulnerability to the color of my set and the cochlea, both are tucked away, carefully protected. Simply being aware of our cochlea and how it functions forces an attention to detail, almost impossible to attune to. We cannot feel the hairs and nerves inside of us, instead we feel with the hairs and nerves inside of us.

I relate to this in my own practice of what can be called somatic regulation, using the physical body, emotions, and spirit to move beyond traumas in order to empower our Self. In my practice of sound healing, I’ve learned the beauty of retroactive repair and gradual growth through focusing on the slightest of vibrations, of both sound and energy. Learning to trust the body in order to trust our Self is a skill. The collective trauma of COVID-19 has allowed the birth of my offerings of body, soul, and space healing, which I call “It’s by Nectar.” It’s by Nectar is a practice that used to be for just myself, something I kept inside of me out of a sensitivity that I no longer let control me. I no longer burrow it away like the cochlea, and instead share the practice to others seeking it, in order to empower.”

Follow Emily at It's By Nectar by clicking HERE.


HAPTIC :: The sense of touch in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the sense of touch and proprioception.


Sheewa Salehi is an artist and founder of BANU - a multidisciplinary studio specializing in floral design and creative consulting launching in July 2021.

“My self arrives when my energy is in flow state. Thinking higher, feeling deeper. Shifting and evolving. Not resisting, simply welcoming, and moving through with patience and compassion for self. My hands are the storyteller, my eyes the witness.” 

Follow Sheewa at Banu Studio by clicking HERE.


AURAL :: The sense of hearing.


“My name is Tanya Bartels and I use my sense of hearing to help me listen to the natural world around us. Over the years, gardening and working on landscapes has heightened my ability to hear and feel plants. An unspoken understanding, an exchange of energy and intent.

Aural: The sense of hearing. A sense that has the potential to guide and teach us. Used as inspiration to dye a special collection of garments. Rich shades of earth and sand. Strong, confident, pure and peaceful. The color of clay drying in the sun and branches reaching to the sky."

Follow Tanya at the Golden Garden by clicking HERE.


OCULAR :: The sense of sight.


“I am Ash, I’m having a tough time with this project because although I am photographer I don’t like taking or having my photos taken. This was a nice exercise to help get me out of comfort zone and give a bare face no photoshop look. For Ocular - the sense of sight - I am so grateful to share what I see with those that mean the most to me. I haven’t been taking photos for very long but I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t picked up a camera. Every day I thank the universe that I am able to see things differently from the next person and to share that perspective with people that appreciate what I have to share. The color brown, I have never loved this color more than I do now, it’s beautiful and timeless, brown is the color of my skin, brown is the color of our earth when you dig deep enough to see its richness. That reminds me of getting to know people, and that’s what photography does for me as well. Dig deep enough and you see the beauty and richness in every person. I am entirely grateful to Maggie for allowing me to be apart of this project. She’s been a blessing and a half for my journey through photography.”

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TACTILE :: The sense of touch.


Mariah Hoffman is a designer, maker, and intentional design coach with an emphasis on small-scale architecture.

Her studio Micro Modula, born through her first design/ build tiny house project, currently focuses on sustainable handmade products and tiny house coaching.

“As an intentional designer, I explore the tactility of the built environment as a vehicle for personal healing, radical resilience, and emotional transformation.”

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FOVEA :: The point in the retina with the highest level of focal sharpness.


“Fovea is a small depression in the retina of the eye where visual acuity is the highest. It originates from the Latin meaning “ditch, or pit.” Here our body’s lesson is that our most clear sight is found within—that we gain insight when we crawl inside ourselves, crawl into our internal pit. It is this practice of coming inside and opening to clarity that I parse out in the spiritual project I created called Cloister Mysticism. It is a soulful project to refine our sight and to learn to see ourselves in a way that enables us to see beyond ourselves. Tarot helps me do this, exploring and expressing through language—writing and contending with language’s limits, reading and listening to the wisdom of others help to direct me there. It is my hope to continue to seek, to look and see more clearly; it is my hope that we can all continue to expand the acuity of our sight.”

Follow Emma and her tarot practice Cloister Mysticism by clicking HERE.






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