Ramona and Ruth

Ramona & Ruth was named after Kim Burks' two grandmothers, women who inspired her to find beauty in simplicity. Ramona was an entrepreneur who hand-crafted beautiful floral designs in her very own floral shop. She is remembered for her infectious laugh, and cozying up watching Golden Girls with her granddaughter, Kim. Ruth was never afraid to get her hands dirty, she could be found tending to the dairy cows and wrangling chickens out on the farm in the small town of Hallam, Nebraska. A sweet, poised woman, remembered for her for her gentle spirit.

And in 2009, Kim started Ramona & Ruth, an Omaha-based boutique letterpress studio, printing contemporary designs with timeless sentiment the old-fashioned way. 
Letterpress is an art form and the details are what make it remarkable. Each sheet is fed into the press one at a time and printed one color at time. The initial sketch, hand-mixing the colors, the intricacies of typography and spacing, hand-feeding the vintage presses — from conception to fruition, each and every product is a beautiful journey.

At Ramona & Ruth, they create delicate, thoughtful designs that leave lasting impressions.

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