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Burke Residency 3 Brand: 323

Emma: Hi Jillian! Thank you so much for sitting down to answer my questions.  Jillian: Hi Emma! Thank you for taking the time to ask such thoughtful questions :) E: To start off, since we are fresh into this new decade, I’d love to hear one of your personal intentions or aspirations for this upcoming year and…if you’re feeling ambitious, for the upcoming decade. J: Definitely to listen to my body more - resting and slowing down. I really struggle with a lack of body awareness and dissociation, so I’m hoping that I can work on that. Over the next decade I’m really going to focus on being less hard on myself. This will totally be a lifelong thing for...

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Burke Residency 2 Brand: Gravel and Gold

Holly and Tomra, Gravel and Gold Emma: Hi Gravel and Gold! Thank you so much for sitting down to answer my questions.Shout out to women-owned and operated endeavors! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start a design collective. Where did that vision start and how has it evolved into present-day Gravel and Gold? Holly & Tomra: Gravel & Gold was started in 2008 in San Francisco, as a shop and creative hub for us and our friends. We wanted a place that would support creativity of all kinds, so we held art shows, dinners, lectures, music and dance performances. We hosted artists for residencies in our homes and we sold vintage treasures we found...

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Burke Residency: Introducing Olivia Sawai and FAAN

Get to know the artists behind the launch of our very first Burke Residency program! We'll be hosting a three month long rotating pop up featuring a designer and an artist in the shop. The first participants feature a collection from unisex clothing brand, FAAN, and an art collection of abstract art from local artist, Olivia Sawai. Get to know Olivia and Aaron Jacobson, designer of FAAN, their stories and inspiration behind their works in these interviews conducted by our intern, Emma McFarland.

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