D.A.R. Proyectos

D.A.R Proyectos is a design studio that fuses innovative design with skilled master-craftsmanship. Acting as a bridge between artisanal communities and the design market, they live and work within the community and directly create sustainable approaches to artisanal economies of craft certified by BUILD A NEST.

Based in Northern Perú, their design studio works hand-in-hand with artisans to translate cultural heritage, techniques and materials into high-quality design objects. In order to work effectively with artisan communities, they installed a logistics network to enable sourcing of gemstone material from south, central and northern Andes in order to offer one product combining a variety of gemstone colors.

Artisans in Pacasmayo hand-carve natural stones including Celestine, Serpentine, Jasper, and Esteatite Soapstone. By transforming Andean gemstones into classic objects and puzzles, design lovers are exposed to a new world of luxurious yet relatable, everyday objects.

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