Another brand under the Meg Company family, and sister brand to Monitaly, we welcome Chamula to the shop. Each Chamula product is imbued with the delightful variances and rich character that can only be achieved through the careful handiwork of master craftsmen and women. A product of designer Yuki Matsuda's travels through rural Mexico in the 1990's, Chamula strives to preserve the art of delicately-made goods in the highlands of Mexico. The passion that drives the creation of each Chamula product can be felt in the comfortable hold of vegetable-tanned leather footwear.
Chamula huarache footwear is equally as splendid and notable for the exclusive use of vegetable-tanned leathers. The natural vegetable tanning process results in supple, breathable leathers, perfectly adapted for light footwear. Each piece of leather is hand painted and used to create comfortable, unique unisex footwear that combines elegant silhouettes with native Mexican embellishment.

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