FAAN is a sustainable, unisex clothing line based out of Cleveland, OH designed by Aaron Jacobson. They’ve coined the term ‘allwear’ to describe their core collection. FAAN runs limited productions, sources primarily deadstock fabrics, and dyes their own natural fibers wherever possible. They work solely with fellow Cleveland production partners to ensure quality, fair wages, and product they believe in. 

All FAAN garments are produced in small batches to limit waste and unwanted garments. They develop low-waste patterns and reuse fabric scraps to mitigate their environmental impact. All deadstock fabric  used is sourced domestically from New York, Cleveland, and Los Angeles, and they work only with domestic mills producing organic cotton, avoiding synthetic materials. Cleveland, OH was the second largest garment center in the US before its jobs moved overseas by the 1950s. FAAN is proud to be working to elevate this history and uplift a new generation of local talent. They believe growing the brand alongside local production partners is the best way to ensure high quality and social responsibility.

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