Jungmaven was born out of activism. As a student at Central Washington University, founder Robert Jungmaven camped in the Pacific Northwest woods and saw firsthand the damage cause by clear cutting. In the classroom, he learned that industrial hemp could combat deforestation. From that awareness, Rob asked himself, how could he bring hemp to everybody? Simply - a tee.

Rob built Jungmaven on simplicity and sustainability. Their hemp tees arose from that ethos and are sewn in the USA. Structured yet relaxed, breathable, soft and go with anything. Jungmaven combines their beloved hemp with organic cotton to produce quality, sustainable, unisex clothes. 

Through the brand, Jungmaven hopes to spread awareness and education on the benefits of hemp which is a natural fiber whose plant thrives almost anywhere with very little impact on the environment. Hemp requires no pesticides and is naturally mold resistant, is a restorative plant which restores balance to its environment, is naturally antibacterial, and can potentially help mitigate climate change. 

Join the movement to get everyone in a hemp tee by 2020!

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