Kente Gentlemen

Kente Gentlemen is a group of young Africans telling stories and sharing emotions through clothes, photographs, texts, ideas and concepts. In such an interconnected world, Kente Gentlemen is a means to discover, value, celebrate, and foster diverse sociocultural heritage and identities through fashion, aesthetics, photography, and other visual arts. Designer Aristide Loua has plenty of ideas and projects in mind for Kente Gentlemen, whose first name praises the Kente cloth, a landmark fabric and cultural icon of Africa, originating from the Ashanti Kingdom, land of their forefathers.

Each of their clothing items tells a story of local craftsmanship and sartorial poetry. Kente Gentlemen is first and foremost a brand that offers accessible, elegant, and edgy clothing, each tailored in a unique style and contemporary design. Every finished product is fitted, cut, and sewn from fabrics made in Africa, with high respects paid to the rich textile heritage and local craftsmanship.

Kente strives to deliver sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical products and services. From the beginning of their fabrics' hand weaver, to the last sewing and stitching by their tailor, all prices and wages exchanged are faired up to the most valuable arrangements and done under good working conditions. The quality of Kente product and its social impact will forever be essential to the brand. They remain committed to involving a community of weavers, tailors, artisans, and vendors as to provide opportunities for the local economy and share the beauty of Africa to consumers around the world.

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