Molly Sydnor

We are happy to welcome the works of Molly Sydnor to the Burke Residency Program!
For the last year and a half Molly Sydnor has been focused on making as a form of identity. Her work always has concepts studying race, gender, and sexuality, exploring each topic in depth, but it was never her directly exploring her own! She's been looking at how our childhood affects our adulthood, and how we see things based on truths we were told. Sydnor has been trying to take the new information she's learned as an adult and re-train her brain from all the things she learned growing up. Molly is a queer woman of color. Her work is simple... "I'm here, I'm visible, I'm queer." It's vibrantly gay, it's in your face colorful, and it's bold, paralleling her. Are the paintings a reflection of her, or is she a reflection of the paintings?
The work has become transformative as it is using up all materials and saving scraps. In effort to focus on sustainability, Molly made paper from yarn scraps and glitter used from larger past installations and commissions. Earrings made from recycled cotton yarn, and shirts upcycled from the thrift store. The fabric used as canvas is from a throw away bolt from a warehouse sale, and all the paint was either second hand from friends, left overs from past projects. Separately, these projects are four different bodies of work come together as one. Together they can be called "Radar" and are a direct reflection of Sydnor's character.     

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