Nostrum shrub mixers are fruity, herbaceous, sweet, and tart. Used in small amounts [1oz or less], they provide a depth of flavor and color unlike any other commercial syrup or mixer; making them a delicious substitute to flavor cocktails and sodas. They also make killer salad dressings and culinary sauces. Naturally preserved with organic apple cider vinegar, they cut corners without cutting quality.
Nostrum makes their shrubs with the highest quality produce, herbs, and spices they can find. That means local whenever possible. And organic whenever available. Thanks to San Diego's mild climate and amazing selection of farms, they're able to produce many flavors year round.
They cold press and slow macerate their shrubs to achieve the subtle and intricate flavors of every ingredient. Their process is unique, but by no means revolutionary. Humans have been making shrubs for thousands of years. They're just doing it in style.

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